Students´ experiences in Finland

Students feel that Finland is a good country to study in

Finland is known internationally for its excellent primary school concept and education system. It is one of the best places to study. Finnish education emphasizes equality, which is also mentioned in the national curriculum. This is achieved by ensuring equal opportunities for all students to receive a high-quality education.

The National Board of Education coordinated a survey for foreigners studying in Finland, asking about their experiences of studying in Finland. Students felt that Finland was a very safe country to live in and that they received better student services than students in other countries.

The students praised the study facilities, technical equipment, and libraries that support their studies. They were also pleased with the size and multicultural nature of the study groups and the expertise of the teaching staff. The quality of student housing was considered good or very good.

In Finland, the aim of vocational education is to develop the student’s professional competence and growth as productive members of society whilst contributing to the development and skills needed in working life.  It promotes entrepreneurship and supports lifelong learning. Vocational education also provides an opportunity to continue studies in universities.

Finland has been one of the world’s leading countries in education for decades. Excellence in the field of education is something that Finland is well known for and is one of the reasons why many international students pick Finland to obtain a degree.